Publication in: 2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR)

A. Bönsch et al., „Peers at work: Economic real-effort experiments in the presence of virtual co-workers,“ 2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), Los Angeles, CA, 2017, pp. 301-302.

Open House Day for Kids

On German Reunification Day this year (October, 3), we collaborated with the German children’s TV program „Die Sendung mit der Maus“ (The Program with the Mouse) and opened the doors of our Virtual Reality lab. Approx. 40 children aged between 8 and 12 and their parents paid the School’s Virtual Reality Lab a visit.


Kids in the VR Lab

In each of the four 2-hour sessions, 8-10 children had enough time to try out three different virtual reality demos. Each session was preceded by a 10-minute introduction given by Professor Gürerk, who explained how three dimensional vision and a virtual reality headset work. Each session resulted in a lot of happy children and satisfied parents!

Presentation & VR Demo at Heinz-Nixdorf Symposium

On September 13, we presented an overview of our research at the 10th Heinz-Nixdorf Symposium, organized by the SFB 901 “On-The-Fly Computing” (Paderborn University). We also showcased our conveyor belt experiment with a VR demo. Go to Conference Website

vr demo at heinz-nixdorf symposium

vr demo at heinz-nixdorf symposium

Presentation & VR Demo at TIBER15

On August 26, we presented a paper and showcased our conveyor belt experiment at the TIBER15 conference at Tilburg University, Netherlands.

vr demo at tiber15

vr demo at tiber15