Why virtual experiments?

  1. Add naturalistic context to your experimental setting.
  2. Conduct dangerous or impossible experiments.
  3. Analyze tracking data to gain novel behavioral insights.

In immersive virtual environments, you have full control over your experimental setting. You may use virtual humans as confederates whose performance remain constant over experimental sessions. You can conduct co-presence experiments with real human social interaction. 

To learn more, read our paper!

  • Gürerk, Ö., Bönsch, A., Braun, L. Grund, C., Harbring, C, Kittsteiner, T., Staffeldt, A. (2014, revised version 2016). Experimental Economics in Virtual Reality, MPRA Paper No: 71409. Download MPRA_paper_71409

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Contact: Dr. Özgür Gürerk, University of Erfurt

personal website: https://sites.google.com/site/drgurerk/
e-Mail: guererk@uni-erfurt.de | twitter: @DrGurerk